“Ms. Leffew was very attentive to my case, she handled it as though I was the only case that mattered.  She was exceptionally knowledgeable and non-judgemental dealing with my particularly unpleasant divorce.  Ms. Leffew was uncommonly reachable and informative throughout the entire process and answered my questions.  If you want a supportive lawyer with a proven track record, your easy choice is Ms. Leffew.

T. Galbraith

"Alison took on a harder case that we brought to the table and completely handled it with grace. Through my anxious emails and phone calls, she was with us every step of the way assuring us to hold tight and she delivered. Worth every penny.  Thanks for everything! A. Murphy

"Although Alison is a one woman-show don't let that deter you when hiring her. She is very quick on her feet, beyond diligent in her field, extremely passionate for justice, professional at all times, courteous to all, and come your day in court, you can bet her game-face will be on. We will hire her again should we need representation." Ryan & Ashley Swain

"Alison came highly recommended from a few friends in the legal field. She handled my case as if it were her only one and was an excellent ally. No calls or questions were left unanswered, I was pleased she put the needs of the children first. I can't thank her enough.  Jimmy King

You stood by me and never let me down...highly recommended. Tonya Kellagher

"Alison has been invaluable to my case! She has walked me through very thoroughly, one of the toughest things I have faced. She has answered any and all questions I have had without hesitation. I am extremely pleased with her services. Christine Turner

"She was recommended to me by a friend who knew her to be a kind, understanding person who could get me through the hardships of divorce, She was there for me whenever I had a question. Divorce is not the end of the world, Alison helped to get me started in the right direction. Tony Weaver